Monday, 5 January 2015

A Successful 2014...but what does 2015 Bring for Panto in a Day

Wow! So just as quick as it comes around it ends!! Another successful Pantomime season for Panto in a Day. Having performed to over 27,000 children all over the country our actors are exhausted. And unfortunately spent the most of their Christmas break ill. 

As managing director I can say that I trod the boards again. (Or more like, the sticky post lunch PE room). But my team and tour was just as enjoyable as six years ago when I started the company. I am certainly getting a lot older though, and felt that with all the driving, performing, get ins…and outs! 
There was a great amount of twitter buzz created around us, with actors competing over where Tiddle’s (Dorothy’s dog) would end up throughout the day. More importantly all the actors seemed to enjoy themselves and happy actors equals happy shows!

But where to go from here? Our usual January itchy feet need scratching. And that scratch needs to come in the form of company development. As ever, not only do we have itchy feet but we’re also scratching our heads.
 (this is not me). But we're really scratching.
Like all small business's the question echoes…How can we become bigger?! Bearing in mind it is far more important that you would never over stretch yourself. Of course our focus remains on that wonderful, magical and festive time that is Christmas. Which seems a distant memory now, but we need development throughout the year.  
There are thoughts flying around that we may be looking into theatre residency for 2015! Now there is a thought that if flying around needs some very big wings! It has always been the branch that we’ve wanted to grow out on. And I think we’re ready! 
Of course we will be looking at adding yet another team to rostra. But the inevitable question that follows that up is ‘where’? And that we’re not too sure of yet! 
So as of now, we’ll relish in the success of December but not for too long. As 2015 is the year for Panto in a Day. A year that shall bring even more success! And if we could we pass that success on to each and every one of you. Enjoy your year! 

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