Thursday, 5 September 2013

Finding Inspiration. ‘Starting a Business Speech’ with Panto in a Day.

After racking our brains at Panto in a Day over yet another addition to our well received blog it came to us in the form of an email. 

We were talking within the office about the importance of keeping in contact with our old Universities and Drama Schools. So after we contacted Exeter University and CentralSchool of Speech and Drama's alumni office we revelled in our good deed. Keeping your old institutions up to date is important. They helped shape us and give us the drive to be here today. It could also be seen as a helpful business move. If Panto in a Day gets publicised through a website or magazine we'd be highly grateful. 
We had a return email from Exeter. After it bounced around a little bit through different departments we had a reply from the drama department. Which was our home ground so we felt more....well, nervous! We're certainly not a self proclaimed entrepreneur and feel even that word gets thrown around too much. Surely that’s never a self proclamation but a term of endearment given by others. Ten years on from graduating it certainly seems a long while ago since we wore the graduation gowns and threw a sharp edged hat in the air. Yet here we are, still working within a business that our studies focused on and enjoy what we do-the essence and sole of a self starting business. And within that line I suppose that I can feel more confident in delivering a speech about such a topic. Theoretically. But we'll be talking to adults, some of which maybe 10 years younger than myself but still regarded as the elite of the educational institution. 

We'll continue to ponder our lesson in 'becoming self employed and starting a business'. But currently focus on what we are now achieving.  

If you've not been following our tweets, why not? You'll notice that we have decided on this year’s pantomime. Cinderella had been decided. Clues towards this decision couldn’t have been derived from our blog on the ‘History of the Dame’. So we're busy writing and data capturing as Panto in a Day will now be visiting Basingstoke, Winchester, Brighton, Lewes and many more southern towns this year with a fresh and third team on the road. And with that we can see that our business is ever growing and helping a younger generation (albeit having to cruelly admit we're now the older generation) is invaluable. We'll keep you updated with how our talk with a University goes, and as ever return next week with a less rambled blog.

Panto in a Day

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